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Tori Spelling’s Ex Dean McDermott Caught Kissing New Girlfriend Lily Calo at L.A. Airport – See Photos!

Tori Spelling’s Ex Dean McDermott Passionately Kisses Apparent New GF Lily Calo at L.A. Airport: Photos

Tori Spelling’s Ex Dean McDermott Passionately Kisses Apparent New GF Lily Calo at L.A. Airport: Photos

Tori Spelling’s Ex Dean McDermott Passionately Kisses Apparent New GF Lily Calo at L.A. Airport: Photos

Dean McDermott, the ex-husband of Tori Spelling, was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with his apparent new girlfriend, Lily Calo, at the Los Angeles airport. The couple’s public display of affection has sparked rumors about the nature of their relationship. Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected romance:

1. Who is Dean McDermott?

Dean McDermott is a 56-year-old actor who gained fame for his appearance in the reality TV show “Chopped Canada.” He was previously married to Tori Spelling, with whom he shares five children. McDermott recently announced their divorce and has now been seen with his new flame, Lily Calo.

2. Introducing Lily Calo

Lily Calo is the woman photographed with Dean McDermott at the Los Angeles airport. She works as a Senior Account Executive at Conscious Community Global. Calo and McDermott apparently met while working together on a new project.

2.1 Working Relationship Turned Romance

Calo and McDermott’s relationship seems to have evolved from a professional connection to a romantic one. Their chemistry can be seen in the affectionate display at the airport.

3. An Unexpected Reunion

Following his breakup with Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott has found love in the arms of Lily Calo. Their reunion comes as a surprise to fans and the media, as it has only been a few months since his divorce announcement.

3.1 New Beginnings after Divorce

McDermott’s relationship with Calo marks a fresh start for him, as he embarks on a new chapter of his life post-divorce. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of finding love again.

4. A Picturesque Moment

The images captured at the L.A. airport paint a picture of affection and happiness between McDermott and Calo. They were seen passionately kissing, clearly showing their deep connection.

4.1 Love Knows No Boundaries

The love on display at the airport reminds us that matters of the heart transcend background, age, and other societal constructs. McDermott and Calo seem to have found solace and joy in each other’s company.

5. McDermott’s Current Living Situation

Following his divorce from Tori Spelling, McDermott reportedly moved into a five-bedroom rental home in the San Fernando Valley. He is said to be living with four roommates, hinting at a significant change in his lifestyle.

5.1 A Fresh Start in a New Home

McDermott appears to be embracing a simpler and more communal living arrangement after the end of his marriage. It may speak to his desire for a supportive environment as he navigates his new relationship and personal journey.

6. McDermott and Calo’s Professional Connection

Their love story has roots in their professional collaboration at Conscious Community Global. McDermott’s decision to involve Calo in his work perhaps foreshadowed the deeper bond they would eventually form.

6.1 Finding Love in Unexpected Places

McDermott and Calo’s experience serves as a reminder that love can blossom in the most unexpected settings. By fostering a genuine connection through their work, they discovered something greater.

7. Speculations and Rumors

The public display of affection between McDermott and Calo has sparked speculations and rumors about the nature of their relationship. However, only time will reveal the true depth of their connection.

7.1 Privacy in the Public Eye

As public figures, McDermott and Calo may face challenges in maintaining their privacy amidst media scrutiny. Balancing personal happiness with public interest can be a delicate dance.

8. Tori Spelling and McDermott’s Split

McDermott’s newfound romance comes shortly after his divorce from Tori Spelling, his wife of 18 years. Their separation, while undoubtedly a difficult decision, has opened doors for both of them to pursue their individual happiness.

9. Moving Forward as Co-Parents

McDermott and Tori Spelling have expressed their commitment to co-parenting their five children following their divorce. Their focus now shifts to providing a stable and loving environment for their kids.

10. McDermott’s Emotional Journey

Through the ups and downs of his personal life, McDermott has embarked on an emotional journey of self-discovery and growth. His relationship with Calo may be a reflection of his evolving priorities and desires.

10.1 Healing and Finding Happiness

As McDermott moves forward, healing from past wounds and seeking happiness become integral parts of his journey. His new romance serves as a testament to the possibility of finding fulfillment and joy after a difficult period.


Dean McDermott’s passionate kiss with Lily Calo at the L.A. airport has ignited curiosity about their relationship. Embarking on a new chapter in his life, McDermott’s romance with Calo represents a fresh start and potential for happiness after his divorce from Tori Spelling.


  1. 1. Are Dean McDermott and Lily Calo officially dating?
  2. While there is strong speculation about their relationship, McDermott and Calo have not confirmed their dating status. Their public affection suggests a romantic connection, but only time will reveal the true nature of their bond.

  3. 2. How did Dean McDermott and Lily Calo meet?
  4. McDermott and Calo reportedly met while working together at Conscious Community Global. Their initial collaboration sparked a deeper connection that seems to have blossomed into a romantic relationship.

  5. 3. How is Tori Spelling reacting to McDermott’s new romance?
  6. As of now, there is no official statement from Tori Spelling regarding McDermott’s new relationship. However, she has expressed her commitment to co-parenting their children, indicating a focus on their well-being amidst personal changes.

  7. 4. What is next for Dean McDermott’s acting career?
  8. While McDermott’s personal life has taken center stage, he may continue pursuing his acting