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Travis Barker’s Daughter Approves Rocky Thirteen’s Name – Find Out Why!

Travis Barker's daughter is now a fan of brother Rocky Thirteen's name

Travis Barker’s Daughter Now a Fan of Brother Rocky Thirteen’s Name

Travis Barker’s Daughter Now a Fan of Brother Rocky Thirteen’s Name

In exciting news from the Kardashian-Barker household, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are expecting their first child together. The couple recently made the announcement of their little bundle of joy and even revealed that they are having a baby boy. With the news of a new addition to the family, everyone is curious about what name Travis and Kourtney will choose for their son.

Rocky Thirteen: Unconventional but Meaningful

During a recent interview on Complex’s “GOAT Talk,” Travis Barker shared that he has been considering the name Rocky Thirteen for his and Kourtney’s son. While it may be an unconventional choice, there are deeper meanings behind it.

A Tribute to the Legendary

Travis Barker explained that the name Rocky Thirteen pays tribute to Rocky George, who played guitar for the band Suicidal Tendencies. The number thirteen holds significance for Barker as he considers it to be the greatest number of all time. Additionally, the name might also be a nod to the iconic 1976 film “Rocky,” which Travis regards as the greatest boxing movie ever made.

Rocky Thirteen: A Name with a Story

The name Rocky Thirteen is not just a random choice; it holds a story and personal significance for Travis Barker. By choosing this name for his son, he would be celebrating his musical influences and paying homage to a cinematic masterpiece. It’s a name that carries a rich tapestry of meaning and connections.

Alabama’s Reaction: A Hilarious Exchange

Travis Barker’s 17-year-old daughter Alabama had an amusing reaction when she heard about the possible name for her soon-to-be little brother. In a playful conversation captured on video, Alabama expressed her doubts about the name Rocky Thirteen. She even joked that her dad must know it’s a “bad” name. However, she did suggest some alternative names of her own, such as Audemars, Milan, Patek, and even something unique like Cloud.

A Playful Sibling Dynamic

Alabama’s reaction to the name Rocky Thirteen highlights the playful sibling dynamic within the Kardashian-Barker family. It’s natural for siblings to have differing opinions, especially when it comes to something as personal as naming a new family member. Alabama’s suggestions demonstrate her own creative flair and unique choices for her brother’s name.

A Blended Family of Love

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s upcoming arrival will be their first child together, but they are already parents to children from their previous relationships. Kourtney’s children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, are from her previous relationship with Scott Disick, while Travis is a proud father to Landon and Alabama from his marriage to Shanna Moakler. The blended family unit showcases a loving and supportive environment for their children.

Close Bonds and Shared Connections

Despite their respective separations, Travis Barker remains close to his former stepdaughter, Atiana. This exemplifies the importance of maintaining close bonds and shared connections within a blended family. It’s heartwarming to see the support and love extended to all the children involved.


As the Kardashian-Barker family eagerly awaits the arrival of their newest member, the name Rocky Thirteen has sparked intrigue and interest. While the unconventional choice may not appeal to all family members, it carries deep meaning and personal significance for Travis Barker. The playful banter between Alabama and her dad adds a touch of humor to the conversation. Ultimately, the final decision on the name rests with Travis and Kourtney, and regardless of their choice, this blended family will continue to thrive with love and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Travis and Kourtney consider any other names for their baby boy?

While Travis Barker has expressed his fondness for the name Rocky Thirteen, it’s possible that he and Kourtney Kardashian may consider other names as well. The final decision will ultimately depend on what they feel best suits their son.

2. Why did Alabama joke about the name Rocky Thirteen being “bad”?

Alabama’s comment about the name being “bad” was made in a lighthearted manner, showcasing the playful banter between siblings. It’s common for family members to tease each other in a loving and humorous way.

3. Are there any cultural or personal connections behind the name Rocky Thirteen?

For Travis Barker, the name Rocky Thirteen holds personal connections to music and cinema that have influenced him. It’s an expression of his love for rock music and his admiration for the 1976 film “Rocky.”

4. Will Travis and Kourtney involve their other children in the naming process?

The involvement of Kourtney and Travis’s other children in the naming process is not confirmed. However, it’s possible that their opinions and suggestions may be taken into consideration as a way to involve the entire family in this exciting decision.

5. When is the expected due date for Travis and Kourtney’s baby boy?

The due date for Travis and Kourtney’s baby boy has not been publicly announced. As with most pregnancy journeys, the exact date may be kept private until closer to the time of birth.