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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Faces Home Intruder Threat – Urgent Need for Protection!


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Needs Protection from Home Intruder

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Needs Protection from Home Intruder

As the presidential campaign gains momentum, security concerns have heightened for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as he faces persistent threats from a determined home intruder. The safety of political candidates is of utmost importance, and it is imperative that adequate protection measures be put in place to prevent any potential harm. In this article, we delve into the urgent need for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to receive the necessary security measures to ensure his safety and the integrity of the upcoming election.

The Growing Home Intruder Problem

In recent months, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been subjected to alarming communications from a persistent individual who has repeatedly attempted to breach his residence. This escalation of threats and attempted intrusions has left Kennedy and his campaign deeply concerned about his safety.

A Vulnerable Candidate at Risk

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has openly expressed his concerns regarding the lack of official protection from the Secret Service. This leaves him vulnerable to potential dangers, exposing not only himself but also his family, staff, and supporters to unnecessary risks. The need for immediate action to address this issue is crucial.

A Call for Enhanced Security Measures

Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA), the security team responsible for protecting Kennedy, have repeatedly notified the Secret Service about the obsessed individual who poses a significant threat. The failure to grant official protection has been met with disappointment and frustration from Kennedy’s camp.

Presidential Candidates Deserve Protection

For over five decades, presidential candidates have been granted early protection from the Secret Service upon request. It is perplexing why Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s legitimate concerns have been denied. The safety of all candidates, regardless of their affiliations, should be a top priority for the government.

A Legacy of Tragedy

The Kennedy family has endured tragic losses due to assassinations in the past. The untimely deaths of Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and President John F. Kennedy serve as painful reminders of the risks associated with public office. It is vital to learn from history and take proactive steps to protect those who are running for high office.

Protection Beyond Politics

Regardless of political leanings, the safety and security of all candidates should be a unifying concern. It is incumbent upon the current administration to ensure that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receives the necessary protection to carry out a fair and secure campaign.

The Biden Administration’s Role

The Biden administration, through the Department of Homeland Security, must review the requests for Secret Service protection submitted by Kennedy’s campaign. A failure to address this matter effectively would set a concerning precedent for future candidates.

Prioritizing Safety over Politics

The decision to deny Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for protection is one that transcends political affiliations. It is an opportunity for the Biden administration to showcase its commitment to the safety and well-being of candidates, ensuring fair and secure elections.

An Outlier Among Administrations

Every administration spanning the last 55 years has provided protection to candidates who requested it. By denying Kennedy’s legitimate request, the Biden administration stands as the sole outlier in this longstanding tradition.


The issue of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. requiring protection from a persistent home intruder is not only a matter of personal safety but also an essential aspect of preserving the integrity of the upcoming presidential campaign. Adequate security measures should be promptly implemented to safeguard candidates and their families from potential harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has Robert F. Kennedy Jr. been denied Secret Service protection?

Despite repeated requests from Kennedy’s campaign and overwhelming evidence of threats, the Department of Homeland Security has chosen not to approve his protection.

2. What risks does Robert F. Kennedy Jr. face without official protection?

Without official protection, Kennedy is vulnerable to potential intruders, which not only jeopardizes his safety but also that of his family, staff, and supporters.

3. How does the denial of protection for Kennedy compare to past administrations?

Denying protection for Kennedy makes the current Biden administration the only outlier in a tradition of guaranteeing safety and security for presidential candidates.

4. What steps can be taken to ensure the safety of all candidates?

It is imperative that the government reevaluates its decision and provides the necessary protection to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and all candidates. Security measures should be based on ensuring fair and secure elections and not political biases.

5. How important is it to prioritize protection for political candidates?

Securing the safety of political candidates is essential for our democracy to thrive. The public must have confidence that those running for office can carry out their campaigns without fearing for their lives.