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Where is Marie Sunny Marquis from? Get to know the deckhand from Below Deck season 11!

Where is Marie "Sunny" Marquis from? Meet the deckhand from Below Deck season 11

Where is Marie “Sunny” Marquis from? Meet the deckhand from Below Deck season 11

Are you a fan of the hit reality TV show Below Deck? If so, you’re probably familiar with the crew members who work onboard luxurious yachts and deal with demanding guests. One of the standout deckhands from Below Deck season 11 is Marie “Sunny” Marquis. But where is Sunny from? Let’s take a closer look at her background and journey on the show.

1. Introducing Marie “Sunny” Marquis

Marie Marquis, better known as Sunny, is a deckhand who appeared on season 11 of Below Deck. Her vibrant personality and passion for the sea quickly made her a fan favorite among viewers. But where did Sunny come from and how did she end up on the show?

1.1 Sunny’s Origin

Sunny hails from the coastal town of Miami, Florida. Growing up surrounded by beautiful beaches and a boating culture, she developed a deep love for the ocean from an early age. Her connection to the water and desire for adventure led her to pursue a career in the yachting industry.

1.2 Path to Below Deck

Sunny’s journey to Below Deck wasn’t an easy one. She worked hard to gain experience and build her reputation in the yachting industry. After years of honing her skills as a deckhand, she finally caught the attention of casting producers and secured a spot on the show.

2. Sunny’s Role on Below Deck

As a deckhand on Below Deck season 11, Sunny played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the yacht. Her responsibilities included maintaining the exterior of the vessel, assisting with water toy activities, and providing top-notch service to the guests.

2.1 Challenges and Triumphs

Throughout the season, Sunny faced various challenges, such as demanding guests and intense work hours. However, her positive attitude and strong work ethic helped her overcome these obstacles and showcase her skills as a competent and dedicated deckhand.

2.2 Memorable Moments

Sunny’s time on Below Deck was filled with memorable moments that left a lasting impression on both the cast and viewers. Whether it was her infectious laughter, witty remarks, or incredible teamwork, Sunny proved to be a valuable asset to the crew.

3. Life after Below Deck

After her experience on Below Deck, Sunny continued to pursue her passion for yachting. She embarked on new adventures, gained further knowledge and expertise in her field, and expanded her network within the industry.

3.1 Career Advancements

Sunny’s appearance on Below Deck opened doors for her professional growth. She had the opportunity to work on prestigious yachts and sail to breathtaking destinations around the world. Her dedication and determination propelled her career to new heights.

3.2 Personal Endeavors

Aside from her yachting career, Sunny also pursued personal endeavors. She used her platform to raise awareness about marine conservation and the importance of preserving our oceans. Her passion for environmental sustainability is truly inspiring.


Marie “Sunny” Marquis, the charismatic deckhand from Below Deck season 11, captured the hearts of viewers with her infectious personality and love for the sea. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Sunny’s journey on the show showcased her dedication, resilience, and passion for her work. Her time on Below Deck was just the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling yachting career.

FAQs about Marie “Sunny” Marquis

1. Is Sunny still working in the yachting industry?

Yes, Sunny is still actively involved in the yachting industry and continues to pursue her career as a deckhand.

2. Did Sunny appear in any other seasons of Below Deck?

No, Sunny’s appearance was limited to season 11 of Below Deck.

3. Where can I follow Sunny’s journey on social media?

You can follow Sunny on Instagram (@sunnybelowdeck) to keep up with her latest adventures and updates.

4. Has Sunny received any industry recognition for her work?

Yes, Sunny has been recognized for her outstanding performance in the yachting industry and has received accolades from peers and superiors.

5. Will Sunny return for future seasons of Below Deck?

While there are no current announcements regarding Sunny’s return, fans of the show are hopeful to see her back on board in the future.