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Jacob Elordi’s Surprising ‘Harry Potter’ House Wish Will Leave Fans Speechless!

Jacob Elordi Wants To Be In The Same ‘Harry Potter’ House As Robert Pattinson

Jacob Elordi Wants To Be In The Same ‘Harry Potter’ House As Robert Pattinson

Jacob Elordi Wants To Be In The Same ‘Harry Potter’ House As Robert Pattinson

Jacob Elordi, best known for his role as Noah Flynn in “The Kissing Booth” series, recently expressed his desire to be sorted into the same Hogwarts house as Robert Pattinson, the actor who portrays Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series and Cedric Diggory in the “Harry Potter” films. Elordi, who is a self-proclaimed fan of both series, wants to share the same legendary house as Pattinson, showcasing his admiration for the actor’s talent and versatility. In this article, we explore Elordi’s fascination with Pattinson and the magical world of Harry Potter.

The Longing for Hogwarts

Elordi’s admiration for “Harry Potter” and Robert Pattinson’s work is evident as he openly expresses his longing to experience the same enchantment these films offer. He believes that being part of the same house as Pattinson would strengthen their connection and create a unique bond, bridging the gap between their respective movie franchises.

A Common Ground

Elordi and Pattinson share a common ground when it comes to portraying iconic characters in fantasy franchises. Elordi’s portrayal of Noah Flynn and Pattinson’s roles as Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory have left lasting impressions on fans around the world, showcasing their talent and versatility as actors. They both understand the magic of captivating audiences through their performances.

The Influence of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is more than just a series of books and movies; it has become a cultural phenomenon that has transcended generations. Its impact is felt by fans like Elordi, who grew up with the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. The stories, characters, and themes have inspired countless individuals and continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

The Versatility of Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has proven his versatility as an actor by successfully transitioning from the “Twilight” series to more unconventional and critically acclaimed projects. His fearless choices in roles, working with visionary directors, and ability to bring complex characters to life have solidified his position as a respected actor in the industry.

The Journey from Fantasy to Artistic Depth

Like Pattinson, Elordi yearns to explore roles that challenge him artistically and push him beyond the boundaries of typical teen heartthrobs. Both actors have shown a desire to break free from the constraints of their initial breakout roles and dive into more profound and thought-provoking projects.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Elordi’s aspiration to be sorted into the same Hogwarts house as Pattinson opens up possibilities for collaboration between the two talented actors. Fans are eager to witness their unique chemistry on-screen, where they can bring their individual strengths and shared love for their respective franchises into a new cinematic experience.

A Magical Partnership

Just as Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory found themselves competing in the Triwizard Tournament, Elordi and Pattinson’s collaboration could create an on-screen dynamic that captures the essence of their characters’ intricate relationships. The potential for their talents to merge in a captivating story is undoubtedly exciting for both fans and the actors themselves.

Exploring New Worlds

A collaboration between Elordi and Pattinson would not only unite fans of “The Kissing Booth” and “Twilight” but also introduce them to new dimensions and narratives. Both actors have the opportunity to expand their horizons and showcase their range as they navigate unexplored territories.


Jacob Elordi’s desire to share the same Hogwarts house as Robert Pattinson is a testament to the impact of both the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” franchises. The longing to be part of a magical world and to collaborate with fellow actors who have left their mark in these iconic series is a testament to their passion and dedication to their craft. As fans eagerly await the potential convergence of these two talented individuals, the possibility of witnessing their combined magic is an exciting prospect.


1. Will Jacob Elordi and Robert Pattinson collaborate in a movie together?

While there are no confirmed projects featuring both actors at the moment, their expressed admiration for each other’s work has fueled speculation and hopes for a future collaboration.

2. What house does Robert Pattinson belong to in “Harry Potter”?

In the “Harry Potter” series, Robert Pattinson’s character, Cedric Diggory, is a member of Hufflepuff house.

3. Is Jacob Elordi a fan of “Harry Potter”?

Yes, Jacob Elordi has expressed his admiration for the “Harry Potter” series and its magical universe.

4. What projects are Jacob Elordi and Robert Pattinson currently working on?

Jacob Elordi is set to appear in several upcoming films, including “Deep Water” and “2 Hearts,” while Robert Pattinson is starring in highly anticipated movies such as “The Batman” and “The Northman.”

5. Have Jacob Elordi and Robert Pattinson ever worked together before?

No, Jacob Elordi and Robert Pattinson have not collaborated on any projects to date. However, their shared love for their respective franchises and enthusiasm for each other’s work may pave the way for future collaborations.