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Loki’s Shocking Retcon Reveals Answers to 3 MCU Phase 1 Mysteries in Just 12 Years!

Loki’s Biggest MCU Retcon Answers 3 Phase 1 Mysteries After 12 Years

After 12 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “Loki” has finally unveiled some major retcons that shed light on mysteries from Phase 1. The Disney+ series has become a treasure trove of answers that fans have been eagerly awaiting. In this article, we will explore the biggest retcons in “Loki” that finally provide clarity to long-standing questions. So, buckle up and get ready for some mind-bending revelations!

1. The Tesseract’s True Identity Revealed

One of the earliest and most prominent MacGuffins in the MCU was the Tesseract, originally introduced in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” For years, fans have wondered about the true origin and nature of this powerful artifact. In “Loki,” it is revealed that the Tesseract is, in fact, an Infinity Stone – specifically, the Space Stone, capable of manipulating and traversing space itself.

2. The Infinity Stones: Just Really Powerful Paperweights

Building on the revelation about the Tesseract, “Loki” further explores the concept of the Infinity Stones. Previously portrayed as all-powerful and central to the MCU’s narrative, the series introduces the TVA (Time Variance Authority), an organization tasked with maintaining the timeline’s integrity. The TVA regards the Infinity Stones as mere trinkets, confirming that they hold no authority within their jurisdiction.

2.1 The True Power of the TVA

The existence of the TVA and its ability to nullify the Infinity Stones raises the question of power and control. How can an organization or entity wield authority over objects as powerful as the Infinity Stones? The answer lies in their control over the Sacred Timeline, the linear sequence of events that must be preserved at all costs. By maintaining the timeline, the TVA controls the very fabric of reality.

3. The Multiverse and Its Implications

“Loki” doesn’t just address Phase 1 mysteries; it also introduces the multiverse concept, which will play a crucial role in upcoming MCU projects. The series reveals that branching timelines – deviations from the Sacred Timeline – lead to the creation of separate universes, each with its own distinct events and characters.

3.1 The Birth of Variant Loki

One intriguing consequence of the multiverse is the introduction of variant versions of characters. Loki himself becomes a prime example as he encounters different versions of himself throughout the series. This exploration of variants opens up exciting possibilities for future character developments and crossovers within the MCU.

3.1.1 Multiple Lokis, Multiple Personalities

With the introduction of variant Lokis, the series delves into the idea of multiple personalities. Each Loki variant represents a different aspect of the character’s temperament and choices, showcasing the complexity and depth of this beloved anti-hero.

4. The True Puppet Master: He Who Remains

The mysterious figure behind the TVA is unveiled in “Loki,” and his name is He Who Remains. He is revealed to be an ancient being from the 31st century who managed to end a multiversal war and create the Sacred Timeline to maintain peace and order.

4.1 Kang the Conqueror’s Introduction

He Who Remains warns Loki and Sylvie of the dangers that lie beyond their current encounter. He reveals that his variants, including the villainous Kang the Conqueror, will eventually come into power and initiate a multiversal war. This sets the stage for future conflicts and introduces Kang as a significant upcoming threat within the MCU.

4.1.1 The Many Faces of Kang

Kang the Conqueror’s introduction through the variants of He Who Remains opens up a world of possibilities for storytelling. Each variant represents a different version of Kang, with unique motivations and agendas. This promises dynamic and compelling storylines in the future.


The “Loki” series has successfully delivered long-awaited answers to Phase 1 mysteries, setting the stage for thrilling new developments in the MCU. From the true identity of the Tesseract to the revelation of the multiverse, the show has reshaped our understanding of the Marvel universe. With Kang the Conqueror looming as the next major antagonist, it’s clear that the MCU is ready to venture into exciting and uncharted territory.


Q1: How does “Loki” retcon Phase 1 mysteries?

A1: “Loki” provides answers regarding the Tesseract’s true identity, the insignificance of the Infinity Stones, and introduces the concept of the multiverse, among other significant retcons.

Q2: What role does the TVA play in the MCU?

A2: The TVA controls the timeline and aims to maintain its integrity, ensuring that deviations and alternate realities do not disrupt the flow of events within the multiverse.

Q3: Who is He Who Remains and what is his significance?

A3: He Who Remains is an ancient being who created the Sacred Timeline to prevent a multiversal war. He warns of the rise of his variant, Kang the Conqueror, setting the stage for future conflicts.

Q4: How does the introduction of variants impact the MCU?

A4: The introduction of variants opens up exciting possibilities for character developments, crossovers, and complex storytelling within the MCU.

Q5: What can we expect from Kang the Conqueror in future MCU projects?

A5: Kang the Conqueror’s introduction promises compelling storylines and high-stakes conflicts as his various variants bring their unique motivations and agendas into the Marvel universe.