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The Amazing Race 35’s Shocking Self-Destruction in Germany Leaves One Team Devastated

'The Amazing Race 35's Trip to Germany Has One Team Self-Destructing

The Amazing Race 35’s Trip to Germany Has One Team Self-Destructing

The Amazing Race 35’s Trip to Germany Has One Team Self-Destructing

Welcome to our in-depth coverage of the latest episode of The Amazing Race 35! In this thrilling race around the world, teams compete against each other in various challenges to win the ultimate prize. In this article, we’ll dive into the recent trip to Germany, where one team faced a major setback that led to their self-destruction. Let’s explore the highlights of this intense leg of the race!

A Promising Start in Germany

As the teams arrived in Germany, they were filled with anticipation and excitement for the challenges that awaited them. The picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage provided the perfect backdrop for a competitive race like no other.

The First Challenge: Navigating the Autobahn

Immediately upon arrival, teams had to navigate the infamous German Autobahn. Known for its high-speed traffic and complex network of roads, this challenge tested the teams’ ability to work together under pressure. The race was on to see who could reach the next checkpoint with precision and speed.

Task Two: Oktoberfest Gauntlet

No visit to Germany would be complete without experiencing the world-famous Oktoberfest. Teams had to complete a series of Oktoberfest-themed challenges, including carrying oversized beer steins, participating in traditional Bavarian dances, and sampling local delicacies. The atmosphere was festive, but time was of the essence as the race continued.

The Twist: A Detour Decision

As expected in The Amazing Race, a twist awaited the teams in Germany. They were presented with a Detour: “Bratwurst Challenge” or “Black Forest Challenge.” Each option had its unique set of tasks and challenges. The teams had to make a strategic decision, weighing their strengths and weaknesses to ensure they made the right choice.

Detour Option 1: Bratwurst Challenge

In the “Bratwurst Challenge,” teams had to learn the art of making traditional German sausages from local experts. From grinding the meat to adding the perfect blend of spices, teams had to master the craft and produce a batch of mouthwatering bratwursts. Attention to detail and teamwork were crucial for success.

Detour Option 2: Black Forest Challenge

The “Black Forest Challenge” took teams deep into the magical Black Forest region of Germany. Here, they had to navigate through dense forests, solve cryptic riddles, and unearth hidden clues. This option tested their problem-solving abilities and endurance as they encountered various obstacles along the way.

Self-Destruction Strikes

Unfortunately, one team’s journey took a turn for the worse during the Detour. Lack of effective communication and internal conflicts led to their eventual self-destruction. This heartbreaking setback shattered their chances of progressing further in the race and left them questioning their abilities as a team.

The Race Continues

While one team faced their demise, the remaining teams forged ahead. The race was far from over, and they knew they had to stay focused and determined to overcome future challenges. The competition grew fiercer as the remaining teams battled it out for the grand prize.

Heading Towards the Finish Line

With the self-destruction of one team, the competition intensified. The remaining teams had their sights set on the finish line, fueled by their determination and the will to succeed. The leg in Germany served as a pivotal point in the race, pushing teams to their limits and showcasing their true strengths and weaknesses.


The Amazing Race 35’s trip to Germany brought about intense moments of triumph and disappointment. While one team struggled to keep it together, others thrived under pressure and rose to the occasion. As the race continues, anything can happen, and the teams know they must bring their A-game to stay in the running for the ultimate victory.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can teams switch Detour options once they’ve started?

No, once a team has selected a Detour option and started on that path, they are committed to completing it. Switching options mid-challenge is not allowed.

2. How are Detour options determined for each leg of the race?

The Detour options are carefully planned and chosen by the race producers. They aim to provide a balance of skill-based challenges and physical tasks, ensuring a fair and exciting competition for the teams.

3. Are the challenges and tasks in The Amazing Race real?

Yes, all the challenges and tasks in the race are real. The teams face genuine obstacles and must complete them within the given time frame. However, safety measures and assistance are provided by the production team when necessary.

4. How are the locations for each leg of the race decided?

The race producers select a variety of international locations to showcase different cultures, landscapes, and challenges. The locations are chosen with careful consideration to provide a diverse and thrilling race experience for both the teams and viewers.

5. Can teams from different seasons of The Amazing Race compete against each other?

No, each season of The Amazing Race features new teams who have never participated in the race before. Teams from different seasons do not compete against each other.