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Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight – A Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Special That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight is a stand-up special that showcases the comedic brilliance of Alonzo Bodden. With his unique perspective and sharp wit, Bodden takes his audience on a hilarious journey through various topics. From slavery to cell phones, and from the #MeToo movement to millennials, he fearlessly tackles it all. Let’s dive into the world of Alonzo Bodden and explore the hilarity of Heavy Lightweight.

1. Alonzo Bodden: The Comedy Veteran

With over 20 years of experience, Alonzo Bodden has become a renowned figure in the comedy industry. From his early days as a participant in the “New Faces of Comedy” showcase at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, to winning season three of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Bodden has consistently proven his comedic prowess.

1.1 The Just for Laughs Festival

At the Just for Laughs Festival, Bodden made a significant impact as he showcased his comedic talent. This platform gave him the opportunity to captivate audiences and set the stage for his future success.

1.2 Last Comic Standing Victory

Winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing introduced Bodden to a broader American audience. This achievement catapulted his career and opened doors to starring in comedy specials and various television appearances.

2. Comedy Specials and Television Appearances

Alonzo Bodden’s talent and charisma have led him to star in numerous comedy specials and television shows. Let’s explore some of his notable appearances.

2.1 Showtime’s Historically Incorrect

Bodden’s comedy special, Historically Incorrect, showcased his ability to weave humor into historical events, challenging societal norms and perspectives along the way.

2.2 Showtime’s Who’s Paying Attention

In Who’s Paying Attention, Bodden fearlessly delves into current events and topical issues, providing his unique take on the world. With his sharp wit, he navigates through the complexities of society, offering hilarious insights along the way.

2.3 ABC’s Dr. Ken and Fresh Off the Boat

Bodden’s talent extends beyond stand-up comedy. He has appeared in popular television sitcoms such as Dr. Ken and Fresh Off the Boat, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

3. Alonzo Bodden: Beyond Stand-Up

Bodden’s love for cars and motorcycles has led him to host various shows centered around his passion for automobiles. Let’s explore his ventures beyond the comedy stage.

3.1 Speed Channel’s 101 Cars You Must Drive

Hosting Speed Channel’s 101 Cars You Must Drive, Bodden explores the world of iconic automobiles, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for these remarkable vehicles.

3.2 Travel Channel’s America’s Worst Driver

In America’s Worst Driver, Bodden takes on the challenge of helping individuals become better drivers. With his humor and expertise, he guides participants to improve their skills behind the wheel.

4. Alonzo Bodden: The Podcast Host

Bodden’s passion for sharing his unique perspective extends to the world of podcasting. Let’s dive into his podcast and discover what makes it a must-listen.

4.1 Who’s Paying Attention? – A Podcast with a Twist

Hosting the podcast Who’s Paying Attention?, Bodden offers his amusing and thought-provoking insights on current events and societal issues. Tune in to hear his take on what’s happening in the world.


Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight is not just a stand-up special; it’s a journey through the mind of a comedic genius. Bodden’s ability to tackle diverse topics with humor and intelligence is a testament to his skill as a comedian. Whether it’s his television appearances, hosting car-centric shows, or entertaining audiences through his podcast, Bodden continues to captivate and entertain fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the stand-up special suitable for all audiences?

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight is intended for mature audiences. Some content may not be suitable for younger viewers.

2. Where can I watch Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight?

The stand-up special is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribe to the platform and enjoy the comedic brilliance of Alonzo Bodden.

3. Does Alonzo Bodden’s podcast cover serious topics?

Yes, in Who’s Paying Attention?, Bodden discusses a range of serious topics with his trademark humor, offering thought-provoking perspectives.

4. Can I find Alonzo Bodden’s comedy CDs online?

Yes, Alonzo Bodden has released several comedy CDs. Look for his CDs, including the latest Man Overboard, on popular online platforms.

5. Will Alonzo Bodden be touring soon?

For information about Alonzo Bodden’s upcoming tours and live performances, visit his official website or follow him on social media for updates.