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Exclusive Revelation: Janelle Brown’s Shocking Reason for Staying with Kody Will Leave You Speechless!

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Only Would've Stayed with Kody for Christine: 'The Heart of the Family' (Exclusive)

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Only Would’ve Stayed with Kody for Christine: ‘The Heart of the Family’ (Exclusive)

When it comes to the relationships within the Brown family on TLC’s “Sister Wives,” there have been ups and downs, heartbreak and happiness. In a recent exclusive interview, Janelle Brown, one of the wives of polygamist Kody Brown, opened up about a decision she would have made if circumstances were different. Janelle revealed that she might have stayed in the marriage solely for the sake of her deep connection with fellow wife Christine Brown.

A Heartbreaking Departure

In November 2021, Christine Brown made the difficult decision to leave the family, leaving Janelle and the other wives in a state of heartbreak and confusion. Janelle expressed her devastation, sharing that Christine had always been an integral part of the family’s identity. She shared how her children gravitated towards Christine, always wanting to spend time with her during the holidays and creating cherished memories together.

The Heart of the Family

Janelle confessed that Christine’s departure took away a significant piece of the family’s heart. She revealed that she stayed in the marriage for over a year after Christine’s split because she felt a sense of obligation and loyalty to the remaining family members. Janelle emphasized that Christine had been a strong presence in her children’s lives, and her absence created a void that was challenging to fill.

A Mutual Understanding

During the joint interview, Janelle directly addressed Christine, expressing her thoughts about the situation. She admitted that if Christine had not left, she might have chosen to stick it out in the marriage. Janelle recognized Christine as the heart of the family, especially for her children, and believed that her presence would have made a significant difference in their lives.

The Power of Connection

Janelle further delved into her strong connection with Christine, stating that she would have stayed for the sake of her kids and the bond they shared with Christine. The holiday traditions, the fun times, and the cherished memories all revolved around Christine being front and center. Janelle expressed her love and gratitude for her children and how important they are to her, making Christine’s role in their lives all the more critical.

A Special Bond

Christine reciprocated Janelle’s sentiments, acknowledging that her connection with Janelle remained strong. Despite the challenges they faced as a family, Christine reassured Janelle that she would always be there for her, emphasizing the unique bond they shared.

A New Chapter

While reflecting on the situation, Janelle expressed gratitude for the way things had turned out. She recognized that they now had the opportunity to create a new chapter in their lives, one where they could build a future with the remaining family members and move forward together.

Treasured Memories

As the interview concluded, Janelle reiterated the importance of the holiday traditions and the fun activities they had shared with Christine. She expressed her deep love for her children and how their happiness and well-being were her top priority.

Looking Ahead

The departure of Christine Brown from the Brown family had a significant impact on Janelle. While she acknowledged the heartbreak it caused, it also led to introspection and a new sense of direction for the family. Janelle’s devotion and loyalty to her children and the remaining family members were evident throughout the interview.


1. How many wives does Kody Brown have?

Kody Brown, the patriarch of the Brown family, has multiple wives. The exact number of wives varies, but as of now, he has four wives.

2. Why did Christine Brown leave the Brown family?

Christine Brown made the decision to leave the Brown family in November 2021. The reasons for her departure were not explicitly mentioned in the interview. However, it is clear that her absence had a profound impact on Janelle and the rest of the family.

3. How did Janelle and Christine’s relationship evolve over the years?

Janelle and Christine’s relationship has been a crucial aspect of the family dynamic. Over the years, they have developed a strong bond and mutual support. Their connection extended to their children, who cherished their time with Christine.

4. Are any other wives considering leaving the Brown family?

The interview focused primarily on Janelle and Christine’s relationship. As of now, there is no information suggesting that any other wives are considering leaving the Brown family.

5. What’s next for the Brown family?

While the future of the Brown family remains uncertain, Janelle expressed optimism and a desire to build a new chapter with the remaining family members. They aim to create new traditions and continue to prioritize the well-being of their children.