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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Reveal the Shocking Truth Behind Their Job Loss – Find Out More!

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes explain ‘We lost the jobs we love because we love each other’

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Explain ‘We Lost the Jobs We Love Because We Love Each Other’

Love can lead to unexpected consequences, as Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes discovered when their relationship went public and resulted in the loss of their beloved jobs. In their new iHeartRadio podcast, aptly titled “Amy & T.J.,” the former “Good Morning America” co-anchors open up about the fallout from their romance and share their journey of love, turmoil, and resilience.

1. Opening up on Their Relationship

Robach and Holmes begin the podcast by candidly discussing their exit from the ABC series and acknowledging the impact their love had on their professional lives. Holmes describes themselves as “the folks who lost the jobs we love because we love each other,” emphasizing the sacrifices they made for their relationship.

2. Reflecting on a Year of Challenges

Having gone through a tumultuous year, the duo explains the difficulties they faced as their romance became public knowledge. Robach shares that they have “gone through a year of hell,” highlighting the challenges they had to navigate while being in the spotlight.

2.1 Love’s Unpredictable Timing

In the podcast, Robach emphasizes that love doesn’t always conform to our timelines and expectations. She notes that genuine love cannot be denied, regardless of the timing or circumstances. Both Robach and Holmes express their belief in the power of love and the need to navigate its complexities, even when it’s not easy.

3. Relationships Are Messy

Robach and Holmes acknowledge that relationships are not picture-perfect. They admit that love can be messy, challenging, and imperfect. However, they stress that they have fought for their love and have found happiness in each other’s company. They describe their bond as that of best friends.

3.1 Finding Happiness Together

Holmes expresses his contentment, stating that he’s the happiest and healthiest he has ever been in his life. He openly declares his love for Robach and reveals that they are planning a life together, emphasizing their commitment to one another.

4. The Impact of Public Scrutiny

The podcast delves into the effects of public scrutiny on Robach and Holmes as their relationship was exposed. They discuss the unwanted attention they received and the decision made by ABC News to put them on hiatus. Ultimately, the network terminated their contracts in January of the following year.

4.1 A Distraction to ABC News

Robach mentions that ABC News saw their relationship as a distraction, prompting the decision to put them on hiatus. Although they had not violated any company policies, their romance had become an internal and external disruption. This decision inevitability led to the end of their tenure at “Good Morning America.”

5. Telling Their Own Story

The podcast serves as a platform for Robach and Holmes to share their side of the story, reclaiming their narrative from the media’s portrayal. They express their gratitude for the opportunity to finally explain what happened and where they stand today.

5.1 Misconceptions and Divorce Proceedings

In response to rumors and speculations surrounding their relationship, Holmes clarifies that they were not being outed as adulterers. He explains that at the time the scandal broke, both he and Robach were already in the process of divorcing their respective partners. They emphasize the timing of their relationship and the lack of infidelity involved.

6. Navigating the Fallout

Robach and Holmes discuss the challenges they faced during the fallout from their relationship. They touch upon the emotional toll and the reactions they received, both positive and negative, from individuals in their lives.

6.1 Failure as Crisis Managers

Holmes admits to their lack of preparedness in handling the crisis that followed the exposure of their relationship. They acknowledge their failure as crisis managers and reflect on the unexpected reactions from acquaintances and friends within the industry.

7. Launching the Podcast on Anniversary

Robach notes the significance of launching their podcast on December 5th, exactly one year after they were told not to come into work. This date marked a turning point in their lives, and they reflect on the journey that led them to this podcast.

7.1 Seizing the Opportunity

By launching their podcast, Robach and Holmes take control of their narrative and seize the opportunity to share their story authentically. They express their desire to provide listeners with the true account of their experiences and the lessons they have learned.

8. Rooting for Love

In a world that often embraces love stories, Robach believes that people inherently root for love. She emphasizes that love may not always arrive when expected but acknowledges its undeniable power.

8.1 Love’s Messy Journey

Robach and Holmes remind their audience that relationships are inherently messy and filled with challenges. They encourage listeners to navigate the complexities of love, acknowledging that the journey is not always easy but can be immensely rewarding.

9. Moving Forward Together

The podcast concludes with Robach and Holmes expressing their happiness and the strength they have found in each other. They reiterate their commitment to each other and the bright future they envision as a couple.

9.1 A Life Planned Together

Holmes confidently declares his love for Robach, emphasizing their plans for a life together. They look forward to embracing their future and creating a fulfilling partnership.


1. How did Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes meet?

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes met during their tenure at “Good Morning America” and developed a close friendship that eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

2. Did their relationship violate any company policies?

No, Robach and Holmes maintain that their relationship did not violate any company policies. However, ABC News deemed their romance to be a distraction, leading to their hiatus and subsequent termination.

3. How did the public react to their relationship?

The public response to Robach and Holmes’ relationship was a mixed bag. While some individuals expressed support and understanding, others criticized and speculated about their actions. The media attention took a toll on both of them.

4. Are they currently divorced from their previous partners?

Yes, both Robach and Holmes were already in the process of divorcing their respective spouses when their relationship became public. They emphasize the timing of their romance and assert that there was no infidelity involved.

5. What can listeners expect from the “Amy & T.J.” podcast?

Listeners can expect an honest and personal account of Robach and Holmes’ journey. The podcast aims to provide insights into their experiences, lessons learned, and the enduring power of love.