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What’s Wrong with Joey Barton? Unveiling His Troubled Past: Anger, Sexism, and Dark Secrets

What is wrong with Joey Barton? Inside dark past from anger issues to sexist rants

What is wrong with Joey Barton? Inside dark past from anger issues to sexist rants

What is wrong with Joey Barton? Inside dark past from anger issues to sexist rants

Joey Barton, the former professional footballer, has gained notoriety for his disturbing behavior and controversial statements both on and off the field. Let’s delve into his dark past and explore the reasons behind his anger issues and sexist rants.

An Unsettling Start

Barton’s tumultuous journey began with a challenging upbringing. Raised by his grandmother after his parents’ separation, he successfully managed to avoid getting involved in the drug culture prevalent in his neighborhood. However, his early experiences had a profound impact on his development.

Barton’s Family Tragedy

The Barton family has been marred by a tragic event involving Joey’s younger brother, Michael Barton. In 2005, Michael, along with his cousin, was involved in the racially motivated murder of Black British student Anthony Walker. The heinous crime shocked the nation, and Michael was subsequently sentenced to life in prison. Joey made a public appeal for his brother to come forward and assist with the investigation.

On-Field Violence

Barton’s anger issues extended beyond his personal life and onto the football field. In 2007, he assaulted his Manchester City teammate Ousmane Dabo during a training session, resulting in Dabo being hospitalized with grave injuries. Barton received a suspended prison sentence and community service for this act of violence.

A Series of Scandals

Barton’s controversies continued to plague him throughout his career. Here are some of the notable incidents:

Alcohol-Fueled Assault

In 2008, Barton faced another bout of legal trouble when he physically attacked a man in Liverpool city center after admitting to an alcohol problem. CCTV footage captured the footballer repeatedly punching the victim, causing him to lose consciousness. Barton ultimately served a six-month prison sentence.

Feuds and Outbursts

Barton’s short temper and aggressive nature often led to public feuds and outbursts. He engaged in heated exchanges with fellow footballers and pundits, resorting to personal attacks and inflammatory language. His recent sexist rants against female football commentators on social media caused widespread outrage.

The Psychological Explanation

Understanding Barton’s troubling behavior requires a deeper understanding of the underlying psychological factors at play. While it is not our place to diagnose him, experts suggest that Barton may be grappling with unresolved trauma, anger management issues, and an inflated ego.

Unresolved Trauma

Experiencing childhood trauma and growing up amidst violence and crime can have long-lasting effects on a person’s psyche. It is possible that Barton’s troubled upbringing contributes to his anger and aggression as a coping mechanism.

Anger Management Issues

Barton’s propensity for violence and outbursts reflects significant anger management problems. These issues are often deeply rooted and require therapy and introspection to address properly.

Ego and Sense of Power

Barton’s success in the football world may have inflated his ego, making him believe that his actions and opinions are beyond reproach. This sense of entitlement can contribute to arrogance and an inability to handle criticism responsibly.

The Impact on Barton’s Career

Barton’s troubled past has undoubtedly taken a toll on his professional career. Despite showcasing talent on the field, his controversial behavior has overshadowed his achievements.

Tarnished Reputation

Barton’s numerous scandals and displays of aggression have damaged his reputation within the footballing world and among fans. Many clubs have been reluctant to associate themselves with his controversial persona.

Missed Opportunities

With his immense potential, Barton had the opportunity to become a footballing icon. However, his inability to control his anger and behave professionally has resulted in missed opportunities and stunted career growth.


Joey Barton’s dark past is a testament to the destructive consequences of unresolved trauma, anger management issues, and an unchecked ego. While it is important to recognize the complexities behind his behavior, it is equally crucial to hold him accountable for his actions and work towards personal growth and introspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Barton faced any legal consequences for his actions?

Yes, Barton has been involved in several legal incidents, resulting in prison sentences and community service.

2. How have Barton’s controversies affected his football career?

Barton’s contentious behavior has tarnished his reputation and led to missed opportunities in his footballing career.

3. Can Barton seek professional help for his anger management issues?

Seeking therapy and anger management resources could be beneficial for Barton in addressing his anger issues and fostering personal growth.

4. Is there hope for Barton to rehabilitate and rebuild his image?

While the road to redemption may not be easy, with sincere efforts, Barton can work towards rehabilitation and earn back public trust.

5. What can the footballing community do to address issues of aggression and toxic behavior?

The footballing community can prioritize mental health support and education on emotional well-being to address issues of aggression and foster a healthier environment for players.