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Controversy Erupts as DWTS Guest Judge Criticizes Jason Mraz for Lip-Syncing During Performance

DWTS guest judge Billy Porter booed for telling Jason Mraz to stop mouthing the song words

DWTS Guest Judge Billy Porter Booed for Telling Jason Mraz to Stop Mouthing the Song Words

When guest judge Billy Porter made a comment to Jason Mraz on a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, he received a surprising response from the audience. Porter’s critique of Mraz mouthing the words to the song he was performing drew boos and jeers from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at the incident and its implications for the show.

The Background

Dancing With the Stars is a popular reality TV show where celebrities are paired with professional dancers to compete in various dance styles. Each week, the contestants perform routines and are judged by a panel of experts, including guest judges like Billy Porter. On this particular episode, Jason Mraz was one of the celebrity contestants, showcasing his dancing skills alongside his partner.

Porter’s Critique

As Mraz finished his performance, the judges took turns giving their feedback. When it was Billy Porter’s turn, he focused on Mraz’s habit of mouthing the lyrics while dancing. Porter advised Mraz to “let the music speak for itself” and to refrain from mouthing the words during future performances.

The Audience Reaction

Porter’s comment was met with immediate boos and jeers from the audience. It seemed that they disagreed with his critique and felt that Mraz’s performance was enhanced by his connection to the lyrics. The response was unexpected, as guest judges are typically well-received and respected by both the contestants and the audience.

The Implications

While the audience’s reaction may have come as a surprise, it brings to light an interesting debate within the realm of performance arts. Is mouthing the words to a song during a dance routine a valid artistic choice, or does it distract from the overall performance? Billy Porter’s critique seemed to lean towards the latter, advocating for a stronger focus on the dance itself.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

In a dance performance, the dancer’s movements should convey the emotions and message of the music. By mouthing the words, some argue that it takes away from the visual storytelling aspect, as the audience’s attention is split between the movement and the lip-syncing. Porter’s comment can be interpreted as a call for Mraz to fully embody the dance and let his movements speak for themselves.

Personal Interpretation and Artistic Expression

On the other hand, there are those who believe that mouthing the words adds an extra layer of personal interpretation and artistic expression to the performance. The synchronization of movement and lyrics can create a deeper connection between the dancer and the audience, allowing them to fully experience the emotional depth of the routine.


The incident involving Billy Porter’s critique of Jason Mraz’s lip-syncing on Dancing With the Stars sparked a lively debate on the role of mouthing the words in dance performances. Both sides of the argument have valid points, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and artistic vision. As the show continues, it will be interesting to see how future contestants choose to approach this aspect of their performances.


1. Can mouthing the words in a dance performance enhance the overall experience?

While some argue that mouthing the words can add depth and emotional connection, others believe it distracts from the visual storytelling aspect of the dance.

2. Did Jason Mraz respond to Billy Porter’s critique?

There has been no public response from Jason Mraz regarding Porter’s comments on his lip-syncing during the performance.

3. Are guest judges often booed on Dancing With the Stars?

No, it is rare for guest judges to receive such a negative reaction from the audience. The show generally fosters a supportive and respectful environment.

4. How influential are the guest judges’ critiques on the contestants’ overall scores?

The guest judges’ critiques are taken into consideration by the other judges when assigning scores, but they do not have the final say. The final scores are determined by a combination of all the judges’ assessments.

5. Has Billy Porter served as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars before?

This is Billy Porter’s first time serving as a guest judge on the show. He is known for his talents as an actor, singer, and fashion icon.