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Dancing With the Stars Shock: Barry Williams Goes Shirtless and Gets Eliminated!

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Barry Williams goes shirtless, is eliminated

Dancing With the Stars: Barry Williams goes shirtless, is eliminated

Dancing With the Stars: Barry Williams goes shirtless, is eliminated

Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars has been full of excitement and surprises, and the latest episode did not disappoint. On Whitney Houston Night, the remaining couples took the stage to showcase their talent and compete for a chance to move one step closer to the coveted Mirrorball trophy. Among the highlights of the night was Barry Williams’ shirtless performance, which left the audience in awe. However, despite his impressive dance moves and charismatic presence, Barry unfortunately got eliminated from the competition.

A Shirtless Spectacle: Barry Williams Shines on Whitney Houston Night

Barry Williams, best known for his role as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, delivered a breathtaking performance on Whitney Houston Night. The audience was treated to his shirtless appearance, showcasing his dedication to the dance and his commitment to entertaining the viewers. Barry’s charisma and endless optimism throughout the season made him a fan favorite, and his performance on this particular night was no exception. It was a memorable moment that will be talked about for seasons to come.

An Unforgettable Rumba: Barry’s Dance Style of Choice

For his performance on Whitney Houston Night, Barry Williams chose to showcase his skills in the sensual dance style of rumba. The rumba is known for its smooth and romantic movements, requiring precision and emotional connection between the partners. Barry’s chemistry with his professional dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd, was evident as they glided across the dance floor, captivating the judges and the audience alike.

The Judges’ Scores and Critiques

The judges’ panel, consisting of renowned dance experts, provided their feedback and scores for Barry’s rumba performance. Barry received a score of 32 out of 40, reflecting the judges’ appreciation for his execution and dedication. While the score was respectable, it ultimately fell short compared to some of the other outstanding performances of the night.

Elimination and Farewell

Despite Barry Williams’ strong performance and fan support, the competition on Dancing With the Stars is fierce. In the end, it was time for Barry’s journey to come to an end. The elimination was a bittersweet moment as the viewers said goodbye to a contestant who had shown tremendous growth and determination throughout the season. Barry’s positivity and infectious energy will be missed, but his impact on the show will not be forgotten.


Dancing With the Stars continues to captivate audiences with its impressive dance routines and compelling performances. Barry Williams’ elimination on Whitney Houston Night reminds us of the unpredictable nature of the competition. Despite his elimination, Barry’s journey on the show was filled with memorable moments and a display of passion for dance. As the competition progresses, we eagerly anticipate what the remaining couples have in store for us on their quest for the Mirrorball trophy.


1. Will Barry Williams be returning for future Dancing With the Stars events?

No, once a contestant is eliminated from the show, they do not return for future events or seasons.

2. What other memorable performances have occurred on Whitney Houston Night?

Whitney Houston Night has seen numerous unforgettable performances, including emotional renditions of her iconic songs and powerful dance routines that pay tribute to her legacy.

3. How are the judges’ scores calculated on Dancing With the Stars?

The judges’ scores are based on several factors including technique, performance, and overall execution of the dance routine. Each judge assigns a score out of 10, and the cumulative score determines the total score for a performance.

4. Can viewers participate in the voting process?

Yes, viewers can participate in the voting process and have the opportunity to save their favorite couples from elimination. This allows the viewers to have a say in the competition and support their preferred dancers.

5. Who are the front-runners in the current season of Dancing With the Stars?

As the season progresses, certain couples may emerge as front-runners based on their consistent high scores and outstanding performances. The competition remains open, and it is up to the viewers and judges to determine the ultimate winner.